Setting and raising the standards for
quality, fit, feel, and durability.

At Encompass, we’ve made significant commitments to advanced R&D and innovative glove manufacturing technology. The results: historic breakthroughs in weights, formulation, barrier protection, ergonomics, and scientific advancement.

In 2013, we were the first company to introduce ultra-low-weight (<2.7g) nitrile gloves. Today, they’re the industry standard.

Our Kerteh, Malaysia facility will be the first of its kind to manufacture gloves using our patented moisture management formulation, HEMA (Hydroxylethyl methacrylate). HEMA keeps perspiration from building up inside the gloves, and raises comfort to another level.

Advantages gained through our complete focus on the glove wearer

  • <3g

    Nitrile Gloves

  • HEMA


For decades, we’ve been driving industry innovation by:

  • Gaining deep knowledge of our glove wearers, the tasks they do, and how they do them, to help us design gloves to meet their exact needs

  • Engineering the ideal combination of superior performance, complete hand health, and unsurpassed comfort into our gloves

  • Developing and employing leading-edge glove material formulations, to reduce skin irritation and allergic reactions, enhance comfort, and overcome any issues around wearing gloves

  • Implementing user testing and on-site quality control, to make sure that our gloves excel at any task

  • Continually evolving our product line and our manufacturing processes, to improve our wearers’ safety and satisfaction